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Child Custody

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In Arizona Child Custody is decided can be the single the most significant issue in any child’s life. This sets the tone and the path of expectancy and expectations for your child or your children for the rest of their lives. Notice I did not include you, the parents. It is not about you. It is about them. The sooner a parent realizes that, the better off the children will be. I know this sounds harsh. But the sooner parents understand that, the better. Right now in Arizona the Child Custody trend that I have seen as an attorney specializing in child custody is that judges prefer 50/50 parenting time arrangement. I know many Mothers still have a position that the Father can’t do this or can’t do that because they (the Mothers) were the care givers, but trust me, when push comes to shove, those men, real men and Fathers, they can and do step up to the plate. I know this for a fact. I have that Dad. I know they can do it and I know they actually do it. With that said, not all fathers or mothers can and you and your lawyer should be ready to fight for what is best for your children.

Being prepared to walk into court and argue that you are the only one that is capable of parenting because you are the Mother or Father, well, you are on the wrong side of the law and the current social trend these days. Father’s are challenging the “they cant parent” stereo type every day and they are successful and gaining more and more momentum in the pubilic eye. The worst thing that any attorney can advise you, as a Mother or Father, to do is to alienate the other parent, especially, the Father.

This is not meant to be a one sided for Mothers or Fathers, this is just my experience in life and as a Child Custody Lawyer.

I believe it is in everyone’s best interest that parents can come together to decide for themselves, to make joint decisions. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is for parents to put their own issues aside and work in the best interest of their child or children together.

There are times though when that will absolutely not work and should not work. When you cannot work together, is when you need the right legal counsel. Without it, you can completely torpedo your case. Without an objective perspective, and without a check on your own thoughts, current emotions on child rearing, you can still destroy your case. If there is a real issue, then you need a compassionate family law attorney that understands that the child’s needs are paramount to your own, that your concerns are valid, and then you should be in good hands if you are in the hands of a capable lawyer that can litigate (take your case to trial) the issues before the Court. Judges are smart and they can read you like a book, so if your intentions are disingenuous, they will see right through you immediately. If you have an intelligent attorney, they will advise you of the same.

Do not get suckered into a hard sell by lawyers, where you should get what you want just because you think what you believe is right is how it should be with regard to your children. Any litigation is never a right to certainty. Always remember that, especially when it comes to children. The variables are human and complex and that includes the legal system. There is no magic formula and any law firm that tells you as much is not telling you the truth.

When you sit down with an attorney, you should assess whether they ask you the right questions and understand your situation and then fully understand your children’s best interest. Anyone who leads you to think otherwise, and just says what you say goes when it comes to child custody litigation, is not doing you a good service.

Any attorney worth their salt, will tell you what are the pros and the cons of your case and reasonable expectations. They will not make promises or over sell you on anything, especially when it comes to your children. Be honest with your lawyer. Best honest with your lawyer. Yes, I said that twice. They should absolutely give you a worst case and best-case scenario. If they do not, give you those two things when it comes to your children, get up and walk out immediately. And I mean immediately.

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