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How You Can Simplify Your Divorce Proceedings

Even Amicable Divorces Can Be Problematic

Every divorce attorney out there knows that even when both parties that are involved in a divorce want it and are willing to be friendly about everything, there can be unforeseen problems because of financial issues. Of course, one of the biggest and most important steps in a divorce is deciding what property is marital, determining its value, and coming to an agreement about how to divide it all. All of this can get everyone into heated arguments that simply cannot be avoided, but there are steps that you can follow to simplify everything from the very beginning. This step is referred to as “discovery” as it deals with uncovering financial information. Discovery tends to be a lengthy and expensive process that can aggravate things to a great extent and even turn amicable parties hostile as a result. Something that you can do to avoid friction and hassles at this stage of the divorce is to gather any and all the information that you can get your hands on concerning assets and finances. Even if it seems trivial, you should make it available to your family law attorney in Scottsdale, AZ in order to help the discovery along.

Organizing Your Documents Properly

In the state of Arizona, most of the property that both parties acquired during the marriage is recognized as marital property and must be divided during a divorce, but what is or is not considered to be a marital property can be a complicated issue. This is one of the things that your lawyer will have to contend with in order to properly distribute all the property that should be divided. You should take this into consideration as you organize all the documents that you will turn over to your divorce attorney. This way they can get through this step a lot faster. If you had very little to do with handling the finances during your marriage, you should make a concentrated effort to get your hands on as many financial statements as possible such as bank statements, pension statements, 401ks, and anything else that can help your attorney to fully document and categorize finances. It would also be very helpful to take all that information yourself and make a spreadsheet of it so that all the information can be assessed more easily. You should add other considerable values to that spreadsheet as well, which could include cars, jewelry, and anything else of considerable value.

Document Debt

Once you are done documenting your assets in your spreadsheet, you should do the same with any debts that you might have. This is very important because just as the marital assets must be identified so that they can be divided, so must the debt. You should include any debt that you are aware of or suspect because failing to list anything can cause your attorney problems and complicate things. Debt such as student loans, credit card debt, car loans, mortgage statements, and any other debts should be on this list in order to help things along and avoid unnecessary problems.

Simplify The Divorce Process

There is no doubt that divorce is complicated and difficult for both parties, but following the advice outlined here can make things a lot simpler and help you to get through it much quicker which is in everyone’s best interest. It is all about simplifying things so that every step of the divorce can be faster and there are fewer opportunities for conflict. You can get more information here:

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