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Marriage: Can This Marriage Be Annulled?

While many people get married with the best of intentions, over time, they may come to find that they have […]

Divorce: How Asset Division Is Done

Divorce cases are emotionally draining and if you and your spouse can’t seem to find a common ground to agree […]

Divorce: Where Do I File A Divorce Proceeding?

Marriages are entered into with a dream that it will last a lifetime and, in some cases, transcend a lifetime. […]

10 Awesome Historical Places To Visit When Travelling

Famously dubbed “the West’s most western town”, the city of Scottsdale, Arizona is a small city in the eastern part of […]

How to Make Divorce Easier on Kids

Divorce is one of the most upsetting and hurtful events in someone’s life. It often gets messy and involves a […]

Renegotiating and Modifying Rule 69 After Domestic Violence Revelation

 Custody court cases are always black and white. There are a lot of different variables that can go into each […]

How Retirement Benefits Are Divided in a Divorce

Divorces can be a messy business. They often involve the worst in a person as strong emotions, anger, and bitterness […]

2019 Updates to Arizona Custody Laws

Child custody laws in Arizona stipulate the legal rights that either parent has on a child. If you want to […]

What are the Relocation Laws Involved with Custody in Arizona?

Arizona custody and relocation laws are designed to protect the rights of the child. Before a parent can be allowed […]

How You Can Simplify Your Divorce Proceedings

Even Amicable Divorces Can Be Problematic Every divorce attorney out there knows that even when both parties that are involved […]

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