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Why Do So Few Men Get Alimony?

If you’re a man involved in a divorce, you might feel as if the deck is already stacked against you. […]

If You’re Going Through a Divorce, Do Your Homework

Divorce can be a scary, angry, and bitter time full of emotions. You joined your life with someone and it […]

Why You Need to Protect Your Assets During Divorce

Divorce is often a nasty thing that involves two people who are angry, bitter, and frustrated. That means a lot […]

Healthcare and the Financial Powers of Attorney

When we’re young and healthy, it’s difficult to think about a time when we might need a power of attorney. […]

What are Parenting Plans and Why Do You Need One?

Going through a divorce might be a difficult time for you and your spouse, but it’s really much worse for […]

What Happens When an Order of Protection is Issued?

If an Order of Protection is issued against you, it can be a frustrating time. A protective order is essentially […]

What is a Motor Vehicle Beneficiary Designation?

When a loved one passes, it can be an extremely difficult situation for the family, especially when it comes to […]

What to Do When You’re Owed Child Support Payments

If you’re entitled child support payments from your ex, you rely on the timely payment of that support to take […]

Protecting Military Retirement Pay In The Event Of A Divorce

What Happens To A Military Personnel’s Pay In A Divorce? What happens to a military personnel’s military retirement pay, also […]

Planning for Your Divorce in Arizona

Divorces are complicated. They involve complex emotions full of anger, regret, and loss. If you believe your marriage is over […]

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