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Planning for Your Divorce in Arizona
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Divorces are complicated. They involve complex emotions full of anger, regret, and loss. If you believe your marriage is over beyond all hope, then the first thing you should do is contact a Family law attorney Scottsdale AZ. You shouldn’t begin the divorce process without a professional divorce and family law attorney by your side helping guide you through the complicated process. 

Because divorces are complicated, you can be walking through a minefield blindfolded. Actions you take (or don’t take) can impact you financially for the rest of your life. Not to forget, divorces also drag innocent children through difficult adult problems they didn’t deserve or aren’t ready for. That’s why you owe it to yourself and your kids to get through the process the right way without stumbling through it. These cases are rarely won without a lot of preparation and planning. Let’s take a look at five ways to plan for your divorce.

Take the Time to Gather All the Evidence You Can

After you or your spouse asks for a divorce, you will have some time to gather a few belongings before leaving. Again, this is assuming you would be the one who left the home. Even if you’re staying inside the marital home, use this time wisely. You’ll have to gather all the personal information you can gather. This can include records, pictures, account details, and documents that were shared. You never know what kind of access you’ll have to this information later on.

When you leave the marital home, you cannot think as if you’ll have unrestricted access in the future. You may be prohibited from entering, even if it’s legally yours. Arizona divorce law can prohibit reentry and you can legally be cited for trespassing if trying to force yourself inside. That’s why you need to take your time and be fully prepared before leaving. 

Get Legal Advice Right Away

You’re going to need as much help as possible in the coming months. You might be in for the fight of your life. Once a divorce is initiated, it’s usually time for the couple to legally go to war over shared income, property, marital possessions, the house, the car, and even custody of the kids. You certainly don’t want to approach this on your own. 

Get Your Financial Information Ready

During a divorce proceeding, you’re going to be asked to provide your financial disclosures. They must be prepared and as detailed as possible. So, the documents and paperwork you grab in step one will need to be ready to go and disclosed during the discovery phase. It’s an unavoidable part of the divorce process. Whatever you do, don’t wait and let your spouse do this part for you. Do it yourself and get help if you need it. 

Be Prepared for Your Property to Be Divided Up

Arizona is a state that requires the property to be divided up during a divorce. This can mean all the debts, assets accumulated during the marriage, including the money. That can be difficult, considering you weren’t the one who racked up all the debt, but if you’re entitled to half the money and assets, the marital debt comes with it. You will have to create an inventory of all your possessions and personal property, including the home.

Have Your Expense Report Ready

Another important part of the process is putting together all your expenses. Your bills, like water, sewer, electric, phone, car payment, cable, etc. Write down to the detail everything you were paying. Even things that you might not think about, like pest control and taking care of the yard. 

At the end of the day, a divorce is going to be difficult for everyone involved. You should contact a divorce attorney immediately by going to

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