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What is a Motor Vehicle Beneficiary Designation?

When a loved one passes, it can be an extremely difficult situation for the family, especially when it comes to deciding what to do with their stuff. This is why a lot of people have wills, to help sort out that complicated process. A Motor Vehicle Beneficiary Designation does essentially the same thing. With it, you would be able to choose the person who would get your vehicle after you passed. You should consider getting advice from a family law attorney Scottsdale AZ.

The Benefits of Getting a Motor Vehicle Beneficiary Designation

With the Motor Vehicle Beneficiary Designation, it makes the transition of the vehicle to the new owner an immediate deal. They won’t have to worry about a long, extended probate, which can depreciate the value of the vehicle while the probate process is being sorted out. By having the vehicle transfer to the new owner right away, it has the added benefit of not making the title swap much easier at the MVD. Take the Motor Vehicle Beneficiary form and the title in and that’s all they’ll need to get the title transferred.

Families can fight over a loved one’s possessions in court. These types of arguments have destroyed families as they seem to care more about taking what was left behind. Having a will and designating someone to take over your car or truck using the Motor Vehicle Beneficiary is the best way to prevent the fighting from even happening. It’s your way of having control and lessening the family drama.

Cars are Separate from the Estate

You might be wondering why you can’t just put the beneficiary of your car into your will. Most people already have a will, so why do you need to fill out a Motor Vehicle Beneficiary form? Well, cars are considered separate property because they are often registered to the person who is now deceased. You can’t just transfer the vehicle via a will and hope it gets transferred legally into the new owner’s name.

This is where the form comes into play. It’s separate from the will and, as stated above, makes it easier for the beneficiary to just use the notarized form and the title at the MVD. They’ll be able to quickly make that switch with no complications at all.

Get Legal Help With Beneficiary Designation In Arizona Today

To learn more about the Motor Vehicle Beneficiary Designation, be sure to contact a family law attorney who can walk you through the entire process. You’ll want to make sure that any document you sign, including your Last Will and Testament, was written and filed correctly. It’s not uncommon for family members to challenge such decrees and their validity. Contact today for any information or advice you need regarding family law. 

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