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What are Parenting Plans and Why Do You Need One?

Going through a divorce might be a difficult time for you and your spouse, but it’s really much worse for children whose entire lives are being split apart. Children don’t understand what’s happening or why it’s happening. For most of their lives, they’ve had a sense of peace and knew that they would be well taken care of. Now, they will only get to live with one of their parents and they might even be forced to change their entire living arrangements and move somewhere else, tearing them away from their friends and their school. A Family law attorney Scottsdale AZ can help put together the right family plan.

This is where a written parenting plan can help make the situation a little bit easier. It will be good for you to let you know how you in your soon-to-be ex-spouse will handle the co-parenting responsibilities after the divorce is final. In fact, Arizona law requires that any couple who is looking to divorce and want joint custody must come up with a parenting plan written down. This parenting plan will often include a schedule for when visitations will happen, often soothing a lot of conflicts about when children will visit and the time they’ll have with kids.

The reason why Arizona law requires this is because they would rather have couples figure out the custody plan on their own without having to hash it out in court over a prolonged period of time. It’s not just the legal custody battle, but also concerns as it relates to the children’s education, who’s going to take care of their health, are they going to continue going to church, and many other lifestyle questions.

Why Are Parenting Plans Necessary?

It’s found that once parents to decide to work together to create a written parenting plan, outlining every lifestyle issue, it answers a lot of questions and greatly reduces any type of conflict. Again, it’s not just about reducing conflict between you and your soon-to-be former spouse, but also makes it less stressful for the kids. The kids are the most important fact here considering that they didn’t ask for their entire lives to be split apart.

The other factor here is that both of you coming to a decision prevents a mediator of some sort imposing a ruling that might not be good for anyone. Would you rather that the parenting plan is worked out between the couple or that a judge decides for what’s best for your family? You know your child better than anyone. You know any behavioral issues they have, their temperament, with her closest friends are, and how well they’re doing in school. Don’t force a judge to impose a decision on your family due to selfishness.

Other Issues That May Be Solved

Other issues a parenting plan can solve is helping to decide how the exchanging of the child during visitation will be handled. What needs to happen if the plan needs to be revised? Who gets the final say when it comes to deciding about the child’s health or their education or religious teaching? These types of issues aren’t easy, so the best thing for you to do is to consult a family law attorney who understands Arizona laws and can help put together a family plan that works for everyone.

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