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Healthcare and the Financial Powers of Attorney

When we’re young and healthy, it’s difficult to think about a time when we might need a power of attorney. Many young people even decide to go without health insurance. Yes, it can be quite expensive, but they simply don’t think they need it. If you’re in peak physical and mental condition, you might not be too worried about a time you believe is decades down the road. The reality is often harsher than people realize, which is why they need to contact a Family law attorney Scottsdale AZ to help them set up a Power of Attorney.

Regardless of your age, you can still get sick. You can get into an accident that leaves you unable to speak and make major decisions about your healthcare and/or finances while you recover. It’s understandable that these things aren’t easy to talk about and we often never feel ready to talk about it. But being young is not a guarantee of a long, happy, fulfilling life. Bad things happen, so you need to be prepared. It’s not just for your peace-of-mind, but also for your family who depend on you. 

Whoever has the Power of Attorney can make those decisions for you. What medical decision should someone make on your behalf? These types of situations can get sticky. Family members might disagree with each other about what to do next or even who has full charge over the decision. If you have a Power of Attorney, you don’t have to worry about that, as they will get the final say in what happens and how you should be treated medically.  

Making Financial Decisions

It’s not just medical decisions that need to be made while you’re recovering. Even if you are able to speak, you shouldn’t be worried about what’s going on at the office or who is making financial decisions for you. A Power of Attorney allows you the chance to focus on getting your strength back. All of your personal bills will continue to get paid, like your mortgage, car payment, and utilities.

Once a lawyer gets the paperwork going, you can choose whoever you want to make the big decisions for you. It doesn’t even have to choose a single person. Maybe you have a relative in the medical field and would feel safer allowing them to handle those big decisions, while your spouse or another sibling will be able to receive the Power of Attorney to take care of your finances. 

If there’s a single true statement about life, it’s that life is unpredictable. No one knows what’s going to happen from this minute to the next. Being prepared and having your bases covered makes recovery a whole lot better. If you’re ready to choose your Power of Attorney, be sure to contact Tiffany Fina Law Firm at  

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