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Arizona Attorney Ryan Claridge

Attorney Ryan Claridge is originally from Vancouver, Canada, and has been a lifelong ice hockey player. In his years as an attorney, he has found that family law is his passion and preference because it is the most complex area of law. With family law, an attorney must understand complex business and financial matters as well as the intense and high-stakes issues surrounding child custody, addiction, domestic violence, and more.

Coupling the complexities of a family law case with the many areas of law a good family law attorney must understand has propelled Ryan to become an effective advocate for his clients. His favorite cases generally start with many unresolved and complicated issues. As he untangles the case to find common ground on a single issue, he uses that momentum to push the opposing party to a favorable settlement for his clients. When that isn’t possible, Ryan prepares for court. All too often the opposing attorney or opposing party may mistake his dry, calm communication in settlement negotiations as a sign of weakness. In court, Ryan becomes a character out of A Few Good Men and offers impassioned and persuasive arguments on behalf of clients.


Ryan is married and the father of two young, beautiful girls. In their short lives, both daughters have experienced significant health scares and one has required ongoing therapy and special needs services. Finding out that a child is struggling has a way of being both debilitating and clarifying at the same time. Ryan decided to close his own practice in order to have more time to support his family. He looked for a firm that had the technological infrastructure to allow him remote and flexible work and a team to support him as an attorney while he balanced the challenges of parenting special needs children and a career.

His background makes him especially adept at handling cases when special needs children exist. Many judges may not understand the implications of children’s special needs and how that relates to a parenting plan and legal decision-making. Ryan can educate the judge to advocate for the client on behalf of the children in the case.

Ryan is a dedicated father and co-parent. His wife is also an attorney and the two have balanced the rigors of balancing career and children in a true partnership. Ryan attends Scottsdale Bible Church, where he is an active member and participates in a regular Men’s Group. He is a wonderful addition to Genesis Family Law and Divorce Lawyers and an advocate for his clients.

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