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Family Lawyer for Couples and Individuals of the Christian Faith

Family Lawyer for Couples and Individuals of the Christian Faith

A family attorney is generally a generalist who practices in many areas of law. Their focus, however, tends to be on those that affect domestic life, such as family and divorce laws. Family law attorneys typically represent spouses or children during divorce proceedings and child custody hearings. They may also prepare prenuptial agreements for potential spouses, draft wills and trusts, and provide legal advice on adoption issues.

They might help their clients with various adoptions: international, open or closed; stepparent; and surrogate. In addition, they may work on paternity cases, including those involving alleged fathers seeking custody of children born outside of relationships. Family law attorneys often deal with child issues as well as spousal support or alimony.

Family Law can be a hard and emotional topic for a lot of people. It can be especially hurtful if you harbor passionate Christian beliefs about topics like divorce. Many important decisions will have to be made including decisions about child support, child custody, spousal maintenance, community property, etc. as well as decisions regarding what role religion will play in the lives of your children. Sometimes, one parent may insist that the children attend weekly church meetings and the other may be against such an arrangement. An attorney will be able to help you get the representation you need to make sure your family law case is handled and that your children are raised with the values and principles that are important to you. Contact a Christian Family Law attorney in Mesa AZ to get started.

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