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Legal Separation Attorney in Scottsdale AZ

Divorce is not a quick or easy decision.  Some couples need time to work through problems or make the best decision for themselves and for their children.  In a legal separation, spouses are still married to each other, but typically live separately and lead separate lives.  It is not as permanent as divorce.  If the spouses reconcile, they can file a motion with the court to overturn the original order of separation.

There are several reasons why couples opt for legal separation instead of divorce.  Couples may want to try legal separation as a trial run for divorce or they may want to stay married for the medical or insurance benefits.  Social or religious beliefs may also be a reason for legal separation instead of divorce.  Whatever the reason, if one spouse has been a resident of Arizona for at least 90 days, a petition for legal separation can be filed.

Even though a legal separation is not as permanent as a divorce, it can still be an emotional and stressful time.  Consulting an experienced family law attorney for advice is always in your best interest. Contact the Tiffany Fina Law Firm if you have questions for a legal separation attorney in Scottsdale.

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